Can We Get 007’s Aston Martin DB5 in 2024?

Can We Get 007's Aston Martin DB5 in 2024?

In games where you can trade your in-game cosmetics for real-life money creates a great economy for the players and investors. It also helps the games by pulling many new players and keeping up the retention rate of these players who have invested money in the game. It also prevents the game from dying because now the players have a reason to play the game. There are many good reasons for adding these tradeable items of game cosmetics.

There are also some downsides of it. The first is that the game’s economy and item trading deviate the attention of the player from the game to the cosmetics. The second drawback is that if this economy and item trading doesn’t get managed correctly then the company behind the game loses control of the game. The third drawback is that because the cosmetics are paid and have invested their money and time in the game the room for customization and upgrading gets thinner and thinner.

On the other hand, there are game studios that doesn’t do this type of economy system and make their cosmetic items non-tradeable. And these companies enjoy a lot more control over their cosmetic system and also the money that comes with it. But this non-tradeable is also not a good thing because the cosmetic that these players have bought has no meaning and the players can’t even sell them afterward.

In some games, there’s a hybrid mode in which you can trade some items to your friends or any other player and some of the items that are not tradeable make the system a middle ground between the both. So the game studio can have control over their cosmetic market and the players can also get their fair share of cosmetics. In this hybrid mode Rocket League is included because in Rocket League you can trade or sell some of your skins and some items are not tradeable.

In this blog, we are going to talk about that item which was once in the game but now it is not available. So in this blog, I will talk about 007’s Aston Martin DB5 and how you can get it.

Aston Martin DB5:

Aston Martin is a British car company that was first established in 1913 in London. The company was and is one of the biggest car brands in the world. It is the staple of a car and an epitome of car brands. Now if we talk about the DB5 version of the car then this version of the car was used by the infamous Agent 007 in the movie James Bond. That is why these cars hold additional value to it’s name. So in Rocket League, this car was introduced and it quickly got attention because of how iconic this car was. the DB5 was also a limited edition item meaning that once the car got pulled back from the store it was never coming back. Aston Martin DB5 Was released 3 years ago in July 2021.

How To Get the Aston Martin DB5:

The release of DB5 was 3 years ago and as I have said before Aston Martin was a limited-time item. Now there’s not a lot you can do right now to buy it other than hope that Rocket League brings back the car in the game or here’s another way of obtaining it. Because it is one of the most rare skin in this game that is why it is harder to spot in the game But there’s a way to it

Buy a pre-existing account:

The only real way to get 007’s Aston Martin DB5 is to buy an account in which the skin has already been bought because the DB5 was a limited edition item and it was a popular skin because of its hitboxes and everything else. There are a number of sellers and websites that you can find on the internet which provide this kind of service. Buying a pre-existing account can also give you an advantage to get a higher rank in the game but it’s just a side benefit that comes with it. All in all, buying a pre-existing account is the only way to get 007’s Aston Martin DB5 in 2024. Maybe at a later point in the year, Rocket League could announce the return of this Aston Martin but at this point and time, it is only speculation and nothing more than that.